The Taylor POS Story and the #%&* of succeeding to change the World's Card Reader Checkouts. Sounds boring right? It's Not.

Having been on the e-commerce side since the original dot boom one and set the historical foundations of ecommerce shopping carts for the automotive industry, the classified ads industry which too drove the transitions which we all experience to this day, we took a hard look at assistive technologies and clearly saw that an entire sector of the worlds population at one of the very most important life to businesses are the checkouts in attended and in attended / self-serve environments. 

Once you notice a business has accessible parking, then see it has an accessible marked restroom, you have to ask why the checkouts are not accessible for many who use wheelchairs, scooters and those who are of short stature… especially for PIN entry privacy, better screen view and overall device interaction, anti-shoulder surfing and a few other things at checkouts or unattended Point of Sale devices do not have Taylor POS Self Accessible Mounting. Reach and Range is not a one size fits all. We fixed that.  To be continued… One thing can be said…it would make one %^&# of a movie and documentary series. 

You can even donate a dismount stand to a merchant. 🙂

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POS – Attended Information

Information for 508 Assistive Mounting for – Attended Fixed environments

POS – Unattended Information

Kisok, ATM’s, Self-Serve, Vending, At-the-Pump and other enclosures.

Inclusive 508, ADA and PCI-PTS Accessible and Assistive