SMB's and ADA Checkouts - January 2024

Small businesses by far outweigh Big Box locations. While both are required to have ADA checkouts, small businesses are mostly unaware of the ADA requirements for checkouts and Big box tends to try everything under the sun that does not work unless they install Dismount D2P.

The ADA standards go beyond physical accessibility to include aspects such as clear communication, usable technology, and accommodating various needs. It’s not only a legal requirement but also makes good business sense, as it opens up markets and improves customer satisfaction. (Word of mouth spreads fast).

The myth that reach and range are the only requirements for an accessibly-assistive checkout is just that… a myth.  As an example, we often ask business owners to put themselves in a wheelchair, imagine they have limited reach and strength, and then approach their checkout. Access the card and PIN reader terminal.

What generally happens next is shock they cannot interact with the terminal, yet they admit having to run some people’s cards and on occasion ask for a PIN with it is a debit card purchase with cashback as an example.

We do not like talking about these legal ADA problems small businesses have, but it is a very real thing. The scary part is the ADA fines start at $75,000 and that alone would take most small businesses completely out of business or set them back for a long time in profitability.

A small business can get the same fines and lawsuits as a big business and while we do all we can to help small businesses with ADA compliances at checkout, it requires more than just how their POS card and PIN reader are mounted.

If a second violation happens, the fine amount increases to $150,000. The ADA requirements really need to be taken seriously as it is a federal law. Granted most wait until an enforcement action is tossed at them, but the real question is why wait? Why not make a simple fix for getting an accessibly-assistive POS mount for your business?

As for the various card reader brands and models, when it comes to a cardholder accessing the card reader, preferably, it is more of a hand-held model, but even with larger wider readers, it is just fine. The problem begins when a customer cannot privately interact with the terminal whether not being able to see the POS screen or the other pain point of not having the required PCI PIN entry privacy.

We often document some of the most hideous (claims of ADA POS mounted terminals). We found a bad one at a popular national restaurant, and it is painful even to think they believe this is assistive-accessible. See the below photos.

The manager of this location told us this was their national ADA checkout mounting solution. Our point in sharing this, when it comes to ADA POS mounting, Dismount D2P is the only true ADA by-the-book engineered assistive-tech mounting that also addresses PCI and card brand accessibility and privacy requirements.  Anything else out there are just bad designs using sales hype.

A lever or button, knob or slide/pull-down, arm-extender etc, mounting clearly does not work in terms of ADA or PCI accessibility or privacy for the users POS card and PIN readers, -if they did, we would have already utilized them as additional models or features.

On a last note for this post, keep in mind, why have ADA parking and inaccessible non-ADA checkout? 

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