Small Business (SMB's)

New federal stands and mounts requirements are in place  for accessibility. People who use wheelchairs can now get a payment terminal / device to -the – lap. 

The one thing we and nobody wants to see are small businesses getting fines and lawsuits over ADA issues.  

Getting the Taylor POS Interactive Dismount for fixed mounting addresses PCI-PTS – PIN Transaction Security  and the accessibility requirements.  (Reach and Range is an ADA requirement too). 

    Taylor POS Accessible Stands and Mounts fit all POS card reader brands.

Qualifying businesses can also receive a 50% tax credit on the purchase of accessibility equipment.  Contact your Merchant Services Provider or Bank and if they are not yet a supplier, please contact us directly and we will get you rolling. 

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Getting started with Taylor POS Dismount stands and mount is easy. Let’s go!

POS – Attended Information

Information for 508 Assistive Mounting for – Attended Fixed environments

POS – Unattended Information

Kisok, ATM’s, Self-Serve, Vending, At-the-Pump and other enclosures.