Typical Fixed position credit and PIN debit readers at POS checkouts are not PCI-POI or ADA-assistive compliant and should be of critical concern and remedied.

See our ADA and PCI slides here.

Taylor POS self-assistive point of sale stands and mounts address the ADA assistive requirements and the privacy requirements of the PCI-POI adopted ISO 9564.

Universal POS Checkout

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    Point of Sale (POS) Dismount's adjustable universal card reader stands and are a significant step forward in improving accessibility for people with disabilities in retail spaces and our Dismount stands significantly improve the checkout experience for all individuals, reducing the physical strain and discomfort associated with traditional mounted card readers. Our Dismount provides access privacy too.

  • Many people with disabilities experience significant challenges when attempting to use traditional card readers. The height of the reader, for example, can make it difficult for people who use wheelchairs, scooters, or walkers to reach, causing physical strain and discomfort. Additionally, people with visual impairments may have difficulty locating and accessing the reader's interface, leading to frustration and a slower checkout process.

  • POS Dismount's adjustable-to-accessibility mode card reader stands address the accessibility issues effectively. The stands can be positioned at a comfortable height for each individual user and our fixed to freed position adjustable that dismount allows users to move the card reader in the hand(s) making it easier for them to see and interact with the device. Our dismount stands are also easy to install and are engineered for quick adjustment to accommodate the specific needs of each customer.

  • The results using our Dismount are particularly noteworthy given the increasing importance of accessibility in retail spaces including the surge of sel-checkout. As more retailers seek to make their spaces more inclusive and accessible, initiatives using our POS Dismount are becoming increasingly vital. By providing more accessible checkout solutions, retailers are creating a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all customers, regardless of their abilities.

  • Our POS dismount demonstrates the significant benefits of POS Dismount's adjustable card reader stands in improving accessibility for people with disabilities in retail spaces. With their easy-to-use design and ability to accommodate a range of individual needs, these stands are a valuable solution to a long-standing issue in the retail industry, and their widespread adoption could pave the way for a more inclusive shopping experience for all.

Cashiers often ask a person using a wheelchair for their credit or debit card and ask for a customer PIN number if they cannot access the POS card reader device.

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