Regulation Compliant.

ADA - 508 ICT - PCI - ISO Compliant

Dismount stands and mounting provides businesses with assistive technology for POS checkout.

Installation of POS dismount stands and mounts is quick and easy and to do. It can be an IT, or a manager’s installation. 

Dismount meets and exceeds ADA, 508 ITC, PCI-SSC, PCI-PTS-POI requirements and the ISO 9564 Standards and fit all card reader brands and models securely and for accessibility.

If you have been told that ADA reach and range requirements are all you need for compliance, that is a myth. It is the assistive technology provided within reach and range that matters. 

Qualified SMB’s can get a 50% Tax Credit for assistive technology purchases. For Level 1 and Level 2 processing businesses, we do have bulk discount and custom engineering to match your branding if desired.

PCI compliance in accepting credit and debit cards. PCI-PTS-POI is a key part in requirements to provide a card holders’ privacy. PCI and ISO blend in privacy and accessibility requirements.

Wheelchair and scooter users as well as those of short stature should be considered by businesses too for their checkouts, oddly over 99.99% are not. The ADA and 508 ICT require accessibility for all persons. Our POS Dismount provides that. 

Credit card and PIN debit processing equipment providers should guarantee -as PCI requires- that their merchant base is provided the required the assistive mounting equipment as independent accessibility and privacy as required by Federal and State Law.  

Cashiers can wrongfully accommodate. What this means is typically a cashier will offer to run a person’s credit or debit card and will also ask for a PIN if the POS device is inaccessible. The intention is good but could also be bad intention. It happens.

Security and PCI-PTS-POI

Spot the difference in these two illustrations.

The twin pictures above is something most people we talk with look for the graphics difference in the pictures. They are exactly the same. The purpose of them is to see who can pick out what disability each of the people in the wheelchair has. One could have Parkinson’s, one could be blind. The point being, there is never any way to know what your next customer is having to deal with standing or not. Serving all your customers regardless is for easy of use and accessibility at your checkout using Dismount. 

Legal issues happen. For a business, serial litigators are clearly a problem. Be careful of cashiers to be assistive in asking for a card as well as a PIN from a customer.  Keep in mind, you provide accessible parking, entry and exit, ramps. Everything except accessible card and PIN use at checkout.

If an unassuming customer hands a credit/debit card and you need to ask for the Card and/or PIN,  -you could be getting set up unknowingly for an accessibility lawsuit. Offer (Dismount) POS mounting to where all customers can operate the card and PIN reader themselves. 

Liability in a simple case of credit card and PIN debit reader at checkout attended or unattended could very well cost your business thousands of dollars over ADA and privacy violations as well as PCI fines a processing costs could go up. That is very easy to do. One photo and done.  Provide dismount POS stands and mounting.  

The ADA and 508 ICT go-to POS Mounting Source.