Inaccessible POS card readers are commonly mounted too high for wheelchairs, scooter users and people of short stature. Even if mounted low like a typical C-store does as an example, customers with limited reach and strength as well as limited vision still must be provided full-use-access. 

Most all POS checkouts in all forms are unprofessional and an embarrassment to any brand. This is easily remedied using our POS Dismount mounting.

Take a picture of your checkout or any other business’s checkout and examine it. You will see what we are talking about.  The two pictures below we ourselves took are outright embarrassing and the POS checkout ultimately represents the lasting customer experience impression of the business.

A best practice is to never assume it is only people who use wheelchairs and scooters who need assistive mounting at POS checkouts. 

See our ADA and PCI slides here.

As you can see, there is a pattern of inaccessible POS devices. Why stores do this is something we have no answer for.  Yet, businesses have accessible parking, accessible entry and exit and accessible restrooms. When it comes to sensitive data such as PIN entry privacy and ADA for limited reach and strength and ADA visual accommodation at the POS reader checkout is outright puzzling as to why a business do not correct their ongoing problem. This includes SSTM’s. 

Customers, -especially for those who use wheelchairs and scooters feel awkward and susceptible when having to enter their PIN no matter the countertop, ATM, At-the-pump, Kiosk, Vending, etc. The requirements are to allow covering the PIN pad using hands or body in a comfortable assistive and private position for PIN entry.  Be sure to see our slides to better understand the Federal and PCI requirements for compliances. (Slides) 

Cashiers often ask a person using a wheelchair for their credit or debit card and ask for a customer PIN number if they cannot access the POS card reader device. This happens daily on a grand scale. It is not okay to do.  

Our removably mounted stands and mounts give full access to a POS card reader for privacy in interaction and PIN entry privacy and is something no business should deny any person ever.   

POS dismount is the easy to install and simple fix to this ongoing problem at checkouts for millions of people whether using a wheelchair or not. 

POS and PIN devices also must be accessible to people with physical impairments, including those who use wheelchairs and other mobility devices, have limited reach and strength, dexterity issues, or who are of short stature. Usability, controls and keys must be within accessible and in the reach ranges for screens and PIN or must be easily useable from a seated position. 

  • Countertop


    DIsmount POS Stands: Assistive for all POS Devices, quick and simple to install. Ready.

  • Self-Checkout


    Self-Checkouts: The POS device assistive fix is POS dismount stands mount. Ready.

  • Unattended - SSTM's


    ATM's, At-the-pump, Kiosks etc. Varied inset/exterior builds and some cases armored cabling and hardened materials. PCI Testing.

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