Unattended - POS Mounting ADA + 508 Accessibility

Taylor POS Mounts

We Are 508 + ADA Accessible POS Stands and Mounts.

 The coming federal mandate is already in play and fast. It is time to begin preparing for it and we have answers and our technology is already here, fully tested in live stores.  It is time to “Get Dismounted”. 

  • Kisok
  • ATM
  • Self-Checkout
  • Self-Serve
  • Vending
  • At-The-Pump
  • and other POS

In some cases, PCI testing may need to take place but most devices are qualified for their environments as it is. More to the point, is user privacy and especially when it comes to PIN entry privacy. Reach and range will always be a requirement, but privacy, better screen viewing and other important device interactions has always been a huge need. It’s coming Spring 2022.

Unattended and the newest thing is payment “Self-Serve” are facing the incoming new mandates for the fixed card reader mounting. This will affect those that have POS devices and most will be required to add a POS device.

The very valid reasons for this is accessibility whether a Kiosk, Ticketing, ATM’s and even At-the-Pump and other fixed mounted keypads for PIN entry.  This too could affect commerce based vending with navigational PIN style readers.

For the first time in the history of card based commerce, this is being fully addressed and makes complete sense.

Unattended boasts some pretty solid security features and so does the Taylor POS Dismount.

Some unattended may require 3rd line/level support and/or 4th Tier line support.

Privacy is a major feature of dismount for POS card and PIN.  To give a visual, let’s say you are in a wheelchair and have limited reach and strength as an example. Now, let’s say you are using PIN debit for cash back and you literally need the device at close range under this example circumstance.  How else would you do it?

Getting ADA and 508 (ICT) Compliant with our signature Patented Blue-Handle and Dismount is easy, secure and stable as it gets.

Inclusive 508, ADA and PCI-PTS Accessible and Assistive