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We Are 508 + ADA Accessible POS Stands and Mounts.

 The coming federal requirements are already in play and coming fast as mentioned here.  It is time to begin preparing for it and we have answers and our technology is already here, fully tested in live stores.  It is time to “Get Dismounted”.  Accessibility and Privacy is a demand and Law.

  • Kisok
  • EV Stations
  • ATM
  • Self-Checkout
  • Self-Serve
  • Vending
  • At-The-Pump
  • Self-Serve-Palm Readers
  • and other POS

In some cases, PCI testing may need to take place but most devices are qualified for their environments as it is. More to the point, is user privacy and especially when it comes to PIN entry privacy. Reach and range will always be a requirement, but privacy, better screen viewing and other important device interactions has always been a huge need. Info released August 2022.

The coming regulatory changes for card readers both credit and debit are coming fast. The impact for unattended devices will change the way the card readers are accessed for accessibility.  The reach and range requirements will remain in tact but additional requirements are coming and R/R will no longer alone will not satisfy the requirements. 

All unattended will face these changes and Taylor POS can get you rolling in the right direction. 

Another aspect is to become PCI-PTS compliant and a particular section has been ignored by all merchants at their checkouts for ten plus years now. 

Becoming ADA + 508 (ICT) + PCI-PTS compliant is something Taylor POS makes easy for card reader manufacturers, Banks, ISO/MSP’s/agents and merchants. 

Accessible checkouts here. Contact us and let’s get to work.

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Inclusive 508, ADA and PCI-PTS Accessible and Assistive