Simply Assistive

Providing Assistive POS Checkouts.

Left, Right and Front POS Approach is covered with Dismount.
Securely Fits all POS Reader Devices

Taylor POS Dismount uses the assistive operable parts and operation requirements the ADA.Gov specifies. Our assistive POS stands mounts also use the Payments Card Industry (PCI) and requirements and the ISO Standards for PIN entry privacy.

The ADA 309 U-Shape Pull-Handle only needs a tug to dismount-release from its secure fixed position. The ADA 309.4 is used for the approach in Pull-Handle use. No twisting of the wrist, no pinching, no grasping and has less than 5 LBf tug-pull to dismount. 

A person can simply tug on the secured POS card or POS Card and PIN reader device and take it from the fixed position to a freed position allowing the customer to have full close-up and privacy use of the POS device.  This allows for the visual accommodation and PIN Entry privacy.

A business owner benefits by inclusion of all people and providing the privacy and comfort of use of the POS checkout. The business owner of an SMB can get a 50% IRS tax Credit for their purchase of assistive technology and that alone gives you a fully assistive POS checkout.

No Comment. It speaks for itself.

The ADA and 508 ICT go-to POS Mounting Source.