NPRM -Accessibility - Regulation

New Regulatory for POS

 NPRM purpose. The rulemaking would amend the Architectural and Transportation Compliance Board’s existing accessibility guidelines for buildings and facilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Architectural Barriers Act (ABA), located at 36 CFR part 1191, to include guidelines for the accessibility of fixed self-service transaction machines, self-service kiosks, information transaction machines, and point-of-sale devices.  

The U.S. Department of Transportation and U.S. Department of Justice are expected, via separate rulemakings, to adopt these amended guidelines as enforceable standards for devices and equipment covered by the ADA.

Reach and Range requires assistive POS mounting technology and accessibility use with fixed mounted POS via PCI compliance is a core requirement across-the-board including EV charging stations. (Dismount).  US9907416B1

What is expected that the new regulatory will impact?
Reach and Range alone is not ADA compliant
  • Countertop – Cashier and Cashierless
  • Self-Checkout – Semi-Attended 
  • Unattended Transaction Machines
  • ATM’s
  • At-the-pump
  • Kiosks and Vending
  • Information Transaction Machines.
  • Parking Transaction Machines 
  • Overall SSTM’s 

Businesses have a great willingness to provide customers with assistive technologies for their customers and Dismount fits right in meeting ADA requirements for compliances to better serve all customers at checkout. 

The Point-of-Sale card and PIN reader mounting no matter how you spin it, is at the very core vitality of it all. 

EV Charging Stations has its own NPRM on the way and it is expected they will be required to have externally accessible POS card and PIN readers.

What is expected? Results.

Improved accessibility across the spectrum and will affect the entire way checkouts, self-checkouts and cashierless environments become an ease-of-use setting for all people. 

To note, -California has additional POS requirements. (link) If you have a business or sell POS mounting equipment to California businesses, -definitely read that information. PIN and Tap on Glass have significant issues regarding PIN entry. We can address those POS mounting requirements.

Legal, liabilities, risk and accessibility all roll into one box so to speak. The same holds true for ADA compliance, PCI requirements and ISO 9564. They all must be implemented and carefully abided by.

Regardless of countertop height or even a low reception desk, Dismount POS mounting serves the needs of all persons by providing access and privacy that no other POS mounts are capable of performing. 

We rolled it all into our POS Dismount assistive mounting technologies for cashier and cashierless environments. Attended, Unattended.

The ADA and 508 ICT go-to POS Mounting Source.