All POS card and PIN are Mounted. Even if it is just laying on something mounted.

Reach and Range are absolute requirements in both ADA and 508 ICT, many legal cases at the point of sale using card and PIN readers have shown reach and range alone has never sufficed as a true universal solution. 
When considering what is needed already exists in both the ADA/508 ICT and the PCI PIN transaction security (point of interaction). 

You will see what is required in various parts of our site, however we go through it on this page due to its link name (ADA Compliance). 

Most merchants want to know how easy it is for those sketchy serial litigators who creep and crawl around businesses looking to file an ADA lawsuit on. 

It is super easy for them when you have inaccessible Fixed POS or PIN on glass only POS.  They take a photo and file. They know. 

The fix? Taylor POS Dismount stands and mounts. Given the below Taylor POS stands and mounts uses, it solves a lot. 

Let’s look at what already exists and add only one additional feature that works in harmony with what already exists in the ADA/508 ICT regulations/rules and the payment card industry (PTS-POI).

  •  302.8 Limited reach and strength (let’s add a person’s physical motion on this one). 
  • 309 Operable part, – U-Shape Pull (handle) it is the only operable part that flows with 309.4 Operation. 
  • 309.4 Operation, – One-Hand operable, No Pinching, Twisting of the Wrist, No Grasping and uses less than 5 LBf tug/pull.
  • Payment Card Industry – PIN Transaction Security – Point of Interaction (PCI-PTS-POI) It requires the ability for a person to be able to PIN entry shield using hands and/or body. (it is impossible or nearly impossible for those who use wheelchair or are of short stature to PIN shield. 
  • ISO 9554-1:2017 which covers things like PIN management, shoulder surfing etc. 
  • The one additional feature (Dismount).  Dismount is used as the term for (Release) and works in harmony with 302.8, 309, 309.2, PCI-PTS-POI and ISO 9564-1:2017. 
Many other things prevent users from having independent access and having full access to a card and PIN payment device whether countertop, self-checkout, SSTMs, ATMs, Vending, at-the-pump, EV charging stations etc… while reach and range is especially important, in fact crucial, let’s take a look at some other physical issues especially for the high range of reach and range point. 

We must first also consider screen-only based such as ITMs, some kiosks and any other POS card and screen-based PIN on glass like Square, Clover, and the likes in the over-the-top techie-type POS solutions.  They are a trainwreck for the blind. 

That adversely impacts those who are blind as they do not have haptic (vibrations) etc, – the use of technology that stimulates the senses of touch and motion, especially to reproduce in remote operation or computer simulation the sensations that would be felt by a user interacting directly with physical objects.

  •  302.8 is a major issue when dealing with fixed POS card and PIN entry devices. 
  • Motion to a degree plays a role in 302.8 such as rotator cup, elbow, dexterity, spinal issues etc. 
  • Visual clarity for those with low vision and neck issues looking up and so on. 
  • Prosthetic arms, hands, digits especially if in a wheelchair, using a scooter or are of short stature. 
  •  There are many other things based on actual litigation cases, that also cause legal issues for merchants/businesses of all sizes. 
Where another aspect for checkouts and check-ins even is accessible parking spaces. All businesses are required to have them, yet so many have fixed inaccessible POS card and PIN in fixed positions whether on built-in or movable mounted cabinetry on their stands/mounts atop. 
For tourist areas, especially skiing, or what we call broken arm and broken leg central, is something we also call seasonal disabilities.  And those with seasonal disabilities always return home with many in wheelchairs and limb-casts. If a broken arm or hand or digits and using a wheelchair, the fixed position POS card and PIN, that person gets to now understands what millions go through on a daily who has full time disabilities. 

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