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Get ready for the biggest change in POS mounting in history whether attended or unattended environments.  We have been ramping up and are ready to go. Taylor POS’ Countertop Dismount Blue-Handle Brackets and Pedestal Stands that will be ship ready April 22, 2022.  We also provide consulting at all levels. For unattended enclosures, KIOSK, ATM’s, At-the-Pump etc, please let us know your needs  for discussion.  

For Custom, we have you covered as well with a full engineering design team using our patented blue-handle dismount as well as a Globally recognized team of premiere accessibility experts.

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POS – Attended Information

Information for 508 Assistive Mounting for – Attended Fixed environments

POS – Unattended Information

Kisok, ATM’s, Self-Serve, Vending, At-the-Pump and other enclosures.