For companies needing to make PO’s/purchase orders, we will be happy to do so as well as use our engineering for custom ADA and Sidekick stands and mounts. This includes any countertop sales and returns/service, self-checkout and other unattended devices such as EV charging stations, ATMs, Kiosks, ITMs, Vending and all other SSTMs. 

We require upfront upon engineering, and we do not do any 30, 60, 90 net for payment. We have been down that PO road. For large orders, we will provide a discount relationship and the requirement of a PO at 50% upfront cleared before production, 50% cleared upon shipping. No exceptions. 

POS Distributors are more than welcome to becomes a 3rd party affiliate seller for our ADA and PCI POS mounting/stands compliance vendors and will be provided with a partner affiliate link and marketing material for their sites and sales material ADA + PCI Dismount D2P digital artwork for website for printing.

We only have one 30 Day exclusion under contractual for payments exception for approval builds and deployments are the Federal Government and U.S. Military. 

Please use the form below for inquiry. 

Thank you. 

Please feel free to call too. (623)-200-3087