Security Tether (PCI)


(Included) Secure Coild Tether. Easy secure mount to the countertop or the Taylor ADA Stand and POS card and PIN reader terminal.

A 3pk Base Mounting screw set with a drill template is also included.

Model CST is a coiled tether with two adhesive G plates.
Plate dimensions: 7/8″ x 1-1/2″
The 1/16″ steel cable is coated to 1/8″ with black vinyl.
Full stretch 72 inches.
Coiled tethers retract to less than 10% of their extended length.

Fully coiled is just under 4 inches.

3M VHB adhesive pad has a bond strength of 160 lbs.

Additional information

Directions Step One.

Insert the ball-end of the cable through the top side of the plate.

Directions Step Two.

Place the dome endcap over the ball. Slide the bare section of the cable behind the ball to the top of the slot in the cap.

Directions Step Three.

Press the cap through the hole in the plate so the base of the cap is seated against the underside of the plate. Your security tether with the plate is ready to be mounted to the POS terminal device and stand or countertop etc.

Ready to attach.

Be sure that the surface where the plates will be mounted is clean and dry. Remove the 3M paper backing and press the plate into place. The adhesive will set immediately and fully cure in 24 hours or less.