Merchants typically are not presented with what is required for their POS card reader devices at checkouts.  This is not the merchant’s fault, but it is whoever they buy their POS device and stands/mounting from. 

A good example is the State of California who has a State code requirements in addition to what the ADA already requires. POS equipment providers are required to offer merchant PIN on glass (iPad, clover, square) as card and PIN processing, however, what is missed is the requirement to provide a physical PIN pad, mounting for it via the PCI requirements, and the security access tether.  We have yet to see a California business or State agency such as the DMV set up properly either.  Not even the banks who supply credit and debit card processing. 

California businesses are ripe for serial ADA lawsuit filers as well as persons with disabilities that can and do claim discrimination, and privacy protection lawsuits. Odds are, they will win against businesses, especially as the new coming ADA requirements hit eta 2023.

Keep in mind, all the United States businesses are required to abide by accessibility requirements at checkouts, just as they have to with accessible parking, accessible restrooms, accessible entry and exit etc. 

It sounds really bad hearing a business does not provide privacy protections, independent accessibility or discrimination prevention for their customers who have accessibility needs. Fact is, it is really bad. That said, the fix is simple and that is installing a Taylor POS Dismount unit for your pos device.  Be sure to see our ADA requirements slides (link). They provide a lot of important regulatory and payment card industry for accepting credit and debit card information when it comes to accessibility. 

We also encourage POS equipment distributors and businesses to use our consulting services too. It would be enlightening, educational and many facets regarding independent accessibility and how dismount POS stands, and mounts solves a lot oof a business’s liabilities, risk and to be accessible where it really counts… the checkout.

The videos below show proper (Dismount) left and the absolute wrong way to do it (Right).  The reason we point this out is to make sure both distributors, resellers, and businesses do not get hoodwinked such as the big brand store did on the right side. 

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