Opportunities with Taylor POS

New regulatory (rules) are on the way for POS card reader mounting. Both Federal and State requirements will change to accessibility checkouts while maintaining use for all persons. The opportunity is the largest change for checkouts in history and we would like for you to apply to partner with Taylor POS. We created and patented our mounting solutions in specific preparation of the new incoming accessibility requirements. 

We offer direct Authorized Dealer channel programs which provides wide-open territory in the ADA Title III space (Retail).  If you meet the initial requirements, you are already well on your way to working this massive change. There will be mandatory training and you will gain a full understanding of the accessibility needs and checkouts and why the U.S. Access-Board, DOT and the ADA and gain an understanding of the PCI-PTS and Specific ISO 9564 requirements on the payments industry side as well. Implementing inclusion and accessibility at all checkouts whether attended or unattended POS card reader merchant locations are a mandatory requirement.  

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Inclusive 508, ADA and PCI-PTS Accessible and Assistive