Opportunities with Taylor POS

2022 has long been awaited for the coming Federal Law mandate for POS mounting in attended and unattended. Especially if you have Government contracts this is especially important to have..

No matter your size of distribution or brand size in the market, – we have programs for you. For Title III which is public businesses, this too is very important for not only ADA requirements, but PCI-PTS-POI requirements too.

Our Patent: Licensing is available for customizations outside of our standard designs.

For the first time ever in POS card reader mounting history, the Federal Government via, U.S. Access-Board and DOJ-ADA are adding specific requirements for all attended and unattended environments. 

This is impact all merchants with POS terminal devices and all POS card reader enclosures. 

Our patented dismount/release/quick-release technologies are specially engineered and uses ADA.Gov Operable parts 309 and Operation (309.4) and specific engineered settings for compliance. 

What does this mean for you? A wide-open field, a fresh landscape for sales and it is a huge thing happening. 

( we will train, consult and educate on the all important specifics). 

For POS industry distributors, we have our Adaptive Compliance Solutions Hub Distribution Point and will be taking in the distribution industry for POS through our outlet there. You are fully invited to be a huge part of this new way for mounting POS checkouts in both attended and unattended stands and mounts.   

First things first.

What is in it for you?  Next generation accessibility in an untouched card reader for POS marketplace. There are millions of old outdated standard stands and mounts on countertops and sales and service counters. 

What is even more alluring atop countertop is the unattended POS space is getting new requirements i.e.; ATM’s, Kiosks, Vending, Self-Checkouts, At-the-Pump and other self-serves. 

So how would you take part in all this? Working with Taylor POS licensing in using our Patented Dismount technologies and taking it to a wide-open market. When was the last time something like this happen?  And it will be not only the U.S., but international.  

( we will train, consult and educate on the all important specifics).

As you know, big brands are always big targets for ADA issues. Let’s get rolling. It is time to rise and shine and now say it, but show it. Inclusivity, accessibility and having assistive stands and mounts bearing our Blue-handle with the iconic symbol of accessibility.  

What’s in it for your brand(s)? For starters, you will be giving all your customers access to the POS checkouts and self-serve and other unattended, accessibility required by law and PCI-PTS (POI) compliance regarding PIN entry Privacy for the first time ever as well as using the POS device with better screen viewing and other important interactions. 

Trainings and consulting, we want to make sure whoever is tasked to work with us gets to experience your own checkouts from a wheelchair, scooter and assimilates limited reach and strength and low vision to perform  PIN entry privacy and interact with the screen visuals at your checkouts. 

If you thought you were targets for inaccessibility before, this  the new coming POS mounting mandate will be very noticed.

( we will train, consult and educate on the all important specifics).

For ISO’s and Merchant Services Providers (agents etc)… must know those who use wheelchairs, scooters and those of short stature and/or have limited reach and strength need to be a big part of your knowledge base for educating merchants on PCI-PTS (POI) PIN transaction security for PIN entry Privacy and ISO 9564 and accessibility using 508 assistive POS mounting at checkouts. 

That being said, it is time for the industry to get rolling with the coming  Federal Mandates.  So let’s move forward and get rolling…

So what’s in this for your organization?  A completely open field of territory to get new merchants signing  with your merchant services while getting them 508 assistive mounting for their checkouts in both attended, self serve and unattended environments.  

The last time we saw this type of open field was back in the Dot Boom One. 

( we will train, consult and educate on the all important specifics).

For the U.S. card networks… Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, JCB. 

International, Others. 

Unattended is a major, in fact massive thing and honestly, we have heard early complaints when it should be more like happy to know you have a whole new open field to enter accessibility, inclusivity and 508 assistive technologies for those who really need it. 

People who spend their hard earned money at your customers places of business deserve every bit of the inclusive assistive accessibility.  Straight up, -your customers too. 





Other Self-Serve.

Casinos (slot and other consoles with POS). 

The list goes on.

Inclusive 508, ADA and PCI-PTS Accessible and Assistive