Regardless of who or what your business is or does, -the ADA and PCI Compliance requirements for assistive Point of Sale checkouts exist. While most are told the simple cheap mounting they use for the POS card reader at their checkout is fine, -it is without a doubt not fine and does adversely affect accessibility use at countertop, kiosk, ATM, vending, fuel dispensers, -etc.  

For businesses who use PIN/Tap on glass only like Clover, Square, iPad, Tablets and the like are required to have a physical PIN pad for ADA accommodation too. This is about serving all customers disability or not… people are not just numbers; the numbers follow by serving people who go to your business.

Limited reach and strength is also a big deal for many people at checkouts. It is time to shed those non-usable stands and mounts that do not serve all customers and get our ADA and PCI-PTS-POI compliant-based solution that does its job. Taylor POS Dismount. 

As for traditional POS manufacturers POS card reader devices you typically see in stores, -they too can do better by informing their distributors and direct customers as well as the payments industry and resellers. 

Our assistive accessibility solutions work for (all) people. We are the only to meet the ADA and PCI assistive requirements and that includes big box and others looking the other way as usual and generally wait until they are sued for non compliances until they do something about it. 

We are on the offence about this, not the defense for any business.

The ADA and 508 ICT go-to POS Mounting Source.