Yes. This happened.

In this blog post, is a story about a business either not understanding accessibility or just looking the other way as the old saying goes.  We went to one of our new favorite taco restaurants. It is a smaller place, -quaint. 

As we parked, we saw the usual ADA parking and even an ADA wheelchair icon on the entry/exit door and one on the restroom door. We ordered, enjoyed our meal and it was time to checkout. It was a non-tactile card reader. We asked the cashier if they had PIN debit. The casher said “yes” and under the countertop, the cashier set a PIN entry card reader onto the counter. It too was non-tactile. 

We asked, -how would a blind person input the PIN number? The reply we got was unbelieveable. The cashier looked at us and said, “blind people do not eat here”.