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It's your checkout.

Federal Law Requires Accessibility at POS Checkouts.

You already have ADA parking. ADA + DEI.

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Q: What businesses are required to have accessibility (ADA) at POS checkout? 

A: Any public business with a card reader POS checkout no matter the size, including Federal, State, County, City and Military. Includes schools. 

Federal Law NRPM info 2023.
Dismount (D2P) information.
ADA enforcement.

A difficult topic, but it is better to know than not to know. ADA enforcement has a severe cost. While businesses should be more than accepting of customers with disabilities, the people who use wheelchairs and little people have exceedingly difficult times at POS checkout. 

Lawful obligations/requirements for businesses to have ADA parking are also to have an ADA checkout which makes sense. 

The hard side: ADA Federal fines start at $75,000 and separately for California (CAL-FIN 13082) has an additional $4,000 to $6,000. Additional legal fees, lawyer fees and other civil and discrimination costs do happen.