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No other point-of-sale checkout stands and mounts can compare to the power and performance of the Taylor POS Dismount D2P features for our ADA-combined accessibility and standard performance, PCI and ISO personal PIN entry security requirements. We do advocate, and we also go by policy, law, and requirements.

Dismount is for businesses and for POS service and equipment providers ready to provide ADA-inclusive checkouts to and for their customers.

POS checkouts are knowingly long overdue to become more accessible. Dismount D2P is that overhaul for them to finally become accessibly-inclusive.

Our stands and mounts qualify for the assistive technology IRS tax credit. (download IRS form 8826). The tax credit for qualifying businesses (typically SMBs) cut the cost in half.

Taylor ADA POS stands and mounts fit all brands and model POS Terminal Devices. Whether standing or using a wheelchair, tall or little, our ADA stands and mounts are for all customer cardholders to use. (ADA 302.8) with limited reach and strength, and ADA Visual accommodation is covered. It is all under -your- control.

Taylor ADA POS Stands can be used on all countertops, sales, service counters, attended, self-checkouts, and unattended settings indoors and outdoors in any weather, including salt air.

Make sure your services provider understands federal ADA assistive inclusive technology, PCI inclusion and privacy requirements. One ADA-accessible POS checkout is required if less than four checkouts and one every fifth lane with multi-lane checkouts.

Our team of ADA and 508 ICT experts and engineers are very dedicated to this change for POS checkouts.

POS equipment distributors, card reader manufacturers, processors, ISV’s/ISO’s/MSP’s that are supportive of the ADA  are welcome to partner with us too.

ADA is required for… All retail-public businesses, academic, etc. 508 + (ICT) Federal and Military. And ADA State, County, City Governments.

Dismount is the ADA + PCI solution. Our POS Dismount is specifically engineered for use by all people whether standing or using a wheelchair, scooter or of a limited height, reach and strength, visual accommodation. We see these problems daily in retail environments. We built the ADA fix using the ADA requirements and PCI-PTS-POI requirements and the only stands and mounts for checkouts in the world to do so. We take pride in what we do.

Stainless Steel: We build our POS Dismount D2P stands using stainless steel for various reasons. ECO friendly. We do not use paints or powder coating. Stainless steel is clean, (Hygiene), has impact resistance and strength, has a great aesthetic appearance, is sustainable, and has a strong long-term value.