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Getting started with Taylor POS Dismount stands and mount is easy. Let’s go!

Attended Point of Sale card reader terminal with the accessibility blue handle A D A operable part

POS – Attended

Information for 508 Assistive Mounting for – Attended Fixed environments

Taylor POS makes Operable parts with Operation requirements as Accessible point of sale card reader stands and mounts meeting the Federal requirements as well as meeting the specifics for PCI- PTS and ISO 9564 for accessibility which are also the Card brands requirements for processing.  They are for both attended and unattended mounting.

POS – Unattended

Kisok, ATM’s, Self-Serve, Vending, At-the-Pump and other enclosures.

Government at all levels are required to have accessible Credit and Debit Card Reader mounting.  While reach and range is required, full accessibility is as well and interactive dismount is the only way this can be independently accessible and provide PIN debit entry and ease of use for other important transaction interactions (Attended and Unattended).

  • Federal 
  • State
  • County
  • City
  • Military + VA

The U.S. State Department also released a document (2022)  that requires to ensure all technology, whether developed in-house or externally is compliant with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. 

508 Compliance is Mandatory

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508 Assistive Technology
Required 100%
Government Levels + DOD /MWR
All 100%