Federal Regulatory and PCI-PTS Requirements.

Legal Factors Involved: Federal, State, ADA.Gov TITLE III and U.S. Access-Board 508 (ICT)

  • U.S. Access-Board 508 (ICT) and ITM for all Government.
  • ADA.Gov Title III -All Public facing businesses.
  • PCI-SSC-PTS (Card and Acquiring Bank Networks).
  • ISO Standards. (9564)
  • Anti-Fraud and Anti PIN Surfing. 
  • 302.8 (for those with limited reach and strength). 
  • PIN Entry Privacy. (Privacy Laws)
  • Ease of use for all people (wheelchair or not). 
  • Security in every aspect from Mounting to Dismount.
Positive Impact for all people and…
  • Consideration of those with Spinal issues. (Tall or short)
  • [ Sensitive to and also built for: ]
  • Safety and Security (all people).
  • Ease of Use (all People).
  • Those using Wheelchairs and Scooters.
  • Those of short stature. 
  • Those with visual issues.
  • and other important interaction needs.

For Title III and 508 (ICT)

  • Countertop POS
  • ATM
  • At-the-Pump
  • Vending
  • Ticketing
  • Parking
  • other fix mounted enclosures.

Traditional Point of Sale Mounting have never been ADA compliant. Our Taylor POS Stands and Mounts arrived onto the market with big advancements in the POS mounting technology and we have a full understanding of the ADA , 508 ICT and PCI-PTS requirements as well as securing POS devices in both attended and unattended environments. 

If you say you already have reach and range and think you are just fine, your are not.  To-the-lap is now here and is fully accessible from a secure fixed position, to a secure freed position for full use for those who use a wheelchair, have limited reach and strength and better easier use of the screen and keypad no matter the device. 

We never like to talk about fines and lawsuits, but they do exist and we would say a best practice is to avoid them by simply installing regulatory and PCI-PTS compliant POS stands and mounts. 

Whether you are the CEO, -the head of IT, -a consultant or a business owner contact us and we will be glad to go over a path, a plan and how we  assist in implementing our compliant stands and mounts for your checkouts…attended and unattended. 

Distributors are welcome to contact us too.  

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Getting started with Taylor POS Dismount stands and mount is easy. Let’s go!

Attended Point of Sale card reader terminal with the accessibility blue handle A D A operable part

POS – Attended

Information for 508 Assistive Mounting for – Attended Fixed environments

Taylor POS makes Operable parts with Operation requirements as Accessible point of sale card reader stands and mounts meeting the Federal requirements as well as meeting the specifics for PCI- PTS and ISO 9564 for accessibility which are also the Card brands requirements for processing.  They are for both attended and unattended mounting.

POS – Unattended

Kisok, ATM’s, Self-Serve, Vending, At-the-Pump and other enclosures.

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Inclusive 508, ADA and PCI-PTS Accessible and Assistive