EV Station and Retrofit Products are now a part of Taylor Point of Sale Services. As we are a work in progress for initiating accessibility for the coming millions of EV Stations. We embark on this path in addition to the coming 508 and ADA regulatory for an accessible set of solutions in attended and unattended spaces. 

The biggest problem that the EV Station markets missed was being inclusive to those who use wheelchairs and those of short stature in many cases. Understanding accessibility requirements is a key factor when choosing solutions. 

Along with new innovations  to include accessibility requirements, new additional security for existing and new EV stations are experiencing vandalism including the power chords by thieves seeking to get the expensive wire copper lines. 

ADA + 508 serves all people, not just those with accessibility needs.

We are building out seriously strong security parameters as extensions for EV stations. Unattended devices usually encounter problems with no solutions. We are that new set of solutions.    

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