POS Dismount D2P

Our ADA POS stands and mounts qualify for the assistive technology IRS tax credit. (download IRS form 8826) or (IRS form 3800). 

The tax credit for qualifying businesses (typically SMBs) cut the cost in half. High-quantity volume discounts are available.

POS Dismount D2P with precision tilt/swivel deeply focuses on user accessibility. It has incredibly unique performance features that provide a true ADA and PCI usability experience and gives focused layers of cardholder security, comfort, and privacy use.

Federal REQ’s Counter and Multi-lane 1 every 5th, 2 in 10 etc.

ADA Reach/Range are measurements only and is not an assistive technology (AT) for compliance for accessibility. POS Dismount is an ADA assistive technology specifically using operable and operation specifics as ADA + PCI accessibility compliance requires.

Taylor POS Dismount D2P is the first and only cardholder assistive technology for POS checkout card reader mounting in that combines and specifically addresses ADA, PCI, ISO and DEI(A) for point-of-sale checkouts.

Additional Details

ADA is required for: 

(Any business that is open to the public). 508 + (ICT) is for Federal and Military. And ADA State, County, City Governments.

Dismount is the ADA-PCI-DEI(A) solution.

Our POS Dismount is specifically engineered for use by all people whether standing or using a wheelchair, scooter or of a limited height, reach and strength, visual accommodation. We see these problems daily in retail environments. We built the ADA fix using the ADA requirements and PCI-PTS-POI requirements and the only stands and mounts for checkouts in the world to do so. We take pride in what we do.

ADA and PCI Requirements.

The Taylor POS ADA Stand features the ADA 309 Operable part which uses ADA 309.4 operations and also addresses ADA 302.8 limited reach and strength and ADA visual accommodation. On the PCI side, the PTS-POI requires PIN entry privacy, and a person must be able to use their body to PIN entry shield which is for a person’s privacy and ease of use especially when using a wheelchair or scooter.

PCI-PTS-POI (Security).

 The payment Card Industry (PCI) is the guiding lead for POS security. In PCI is the PIN transaction security and point of interaction. for accessibility, our POS dismount guards against shoulder-surfing, camera recording etc, as long as the PIN entry feature using a retail business card and PIN reader is covered, via wheelchair users as an example. Important… Yes.

ISO 9564 Standards.

(Partial and Privacy) POS Dismount uses the ISO 9564 that is adopted into the PCI -PTS-POI ISO 9564 and is applicable to cardholder PINs for use as a means of cardholder verification in retail banking systems in, notably, automated teller machine (ATM) systems, point-of-sale (POS) terminals, automated fuel dispensers, vending machines, banking kiosks and PIN selection/change systems. It applies to issuer and interchange environments.

Stainless steel.

 We build our POS Dismount D2P stands using stainless steel for various reasons. ECO friendly. We do not use paints or powder coating. Stainless steel is clean, (Hygiene), has impact resistance and strength, has a great aesthetic appearance, is sustainable, and has a strong long-term value.

Standard and Custom.

We offer our patented assistive technology flagship ADA POS card reader mounting as well as engineering custom builds of our POS ADA card reader stands/mount all weather configurations. We understand the varied environments used for POS checkouts whether countertops, wall-mounts, self-checkouts and unattended (ATM), EV Charging, Kiosk, Vending etc. (SSTM’s).

ADA POS Approach.

ADA approach is for approaching the POS device accessibly (left, right, front) approach. most grocery and other muti-lane retail have a left and right approach and sales and service countertops generally have a front approach. POS Dismount D2P has it all covered.

ADA handle overlay Option.

 One standard blue and white ADA handle overlay is included. The optional 5-pack can be standard or customized with your business name, logo, special holidays, etc, for overtime wear. The vinyl handle covers are a durable vinyl sticker overlay and can be changed out at any time.

Coiled Security tether option.

Coiled security tether. Attaches to the mount base and POS card reader. Eases back in-place device re-mount. 3M VHB adhesive pad has a bond strength of 160 lbs.

3M Glue Pad option.

3M Glue Pad can be used for the base mount-to-countertop.

Note on the Tilt function.

The Tilt function can be disabled by using a screw and insert into the top-left or right-side mounting screw hole.

Note on the Swivel function.

The Swivel function can be disabled by using the screw inserted into the mounting base screw hole.

Screw Pack Option.

3 Screw Pack. The mount base has 3 screw placements for the countertop.

NPRM’s U.S. Access-Board.

Current Federal Regulatory NPRM’s January and June 2024. (ADA – U.S. Access-Board). POS + (SSTM’s) + existing ADA and 508 (ICT) requirements with ongoing ADA/DOJ CRD enforcement.

Patent Info.

Patent 9907416 – MADE IN USA