California Businesses Specific

Accessible Mounting

PIN and Tether

California Specific. In addition to the Federal ADA requirements, the PCI-PTS-POI requirements and ISO 9564 standards regarding accessibility requirements also have California’s additional requirements. Atop, for California is the UNRUH ACT, the (Cal. FIN. § Code) and the CBC (Building Code) for POS card and PIN reader requirements.

Dismount POS mounting is for you, the business owner and for all your customers to use whether accessibility is needed or not.

Businesses, POS Card and PIN Reader MFG’s, POS Equipment Distributors please do pay careful attention to this page.

A unit is not in compliance unless it includes a device, whether internal or external to the unit, which does not lend itself to easy removal, allows visually impaired users easy access, and otherwise meets the terms and conditions of this section.

The card and PIN reader POS devices should be removably mounted for easy access and shall be permanently attached to the unit by means of a braided wire or some other tether. 

For merchants in the State of California that use PIN or Tap on Glass: Square, Clover, iPads and Tablets are perfect examples, the PIN and Tap on glass POS requirements affect thousands of California businesses. 

A “point-of-sale device” must include a good or service where a personal identification number (PIN reader) is required using a tactually discernible numerical keypad. 

The Fin. Code also addresses other technology, such as a radio frequency identification device and fingerprint biometrics.

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Removably Mounted POS (Dismount)

Business locations equipped with two or less point-of-sale machines, only one point-of-sale machine shall be required to be equipped with a tactually discernible keypad or other technology. 

So briefly, -the breakdown is like this:

All POS devices are to be accessible by secured (fixed position) release with a security tether. The release mechanism must be ADA 309 Operable Part (in the case of POS the U-Shape Pull in strict conjunction with the ADA 309.4 operation requirements. (Dismount). 

PIN or Tap on glass requires accessible mounting that can be independently accessible and has an external PIN pad.

ADA 302.8 Limited Reach and Strength and 302.2 508 ICT | ADA Visual Accommodation are blended into the California requirements in the Cal. Fin.

The ADA nationally and the State of California each require POS accessibility and has implemented these additional accessibility requirements in its code requirements. 

The same ADA requirement as accessible parking.

POS Device Manufacturers and Distributors selling to California Merchants.

Dismount - ADA Engineered POS Mounting Technology

Manufacturers and distributors are required to offer for availability touch screen or other nontactile point-of-sale devices to be used and sold in the State of California and that POS devices are equipped with tactually discernible keypads or other technology as described in subdivision (a) that enable a visually impaired person to enter his or her own personal identification number or any other personal information necessary to process a transaction in a manner that ensures personal privacy of the information being entered.

The POS devices (card and PIN reader) shall be permanently attached to the unit by means of a braided wire or some other tether. (Dismount POS Mounting)

For POS Card and PIN reader MFG’s, Merchants and POS equipment Distributors, the information web page for California specific as noted in the *Cal. Fin. code) *shall not be construed to preclude or limit any other existing right or remedy as it pertains to point-of-sale devices and accessibility.

See our ADA Requirements Slides for POS accessibility details.  Click here.  Additional information on Dismount POS for Federal Level Requirements and how they work with the California Codes, we do provide our professional consulting available at all levels.

Currently the only exemptions to the California code legal requirements for POS Card and PIN mounted readers are ATM’s and Fuel Dispensers. Those will be addressed at the Federal Level in the coming NPRM for POS card and PIN by the U.S. Access-Board as well the coming NPRM for EV Charging Stations.  

 POS equipment Manufacturers and Distributors, our consulting services are available as well as the ability to offer our POS card and PIN POS Dismount stands and Mounting. This is a particularly important time with many changes and with two major 2023 NPRM’s for POS and POS EV Charging Stations going into Final Rule enforceable by the ADA.

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