TADG 3.2 (Visa.com) accessibility (ADA) REQ's

Merchants who accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover, as well as POS device vendors, acquirers, and card/PIN reader Manufacturers, -it is crucial to ensure that all your who you sell customer-facing POS devices comply with accessibility requirements and where the devices are installed. (Visa TADG 3.2 Requirements). 

The U.S. Access Board and the (ADA) provide specific guidelines and requirements for ensuring assistive use for individuals who use wheelchairs, scooters, have limited reach and strength, dexterity issues, limited field of vision, and other disabilities. These guidelines promote equal access and mobility for all individuals, regardless of their physical limitations.

Taylor POS meets the REQ's across the board. Fully.

We make getting ADA and PCI-POI (actual) assistive compliant easy and for all levels of businesses, which typically need only one or two of our POS mounts. For multi-lane, the rule is 1 in 4 lanes and one for each individual service and returns countertop. Multi-lane: each lane should have our assistive POS mounting to ensure availability for all customers using credit/PIN debit. 

We do provide consulting and work with the very best ADA pros there is when it comes to our resources for all merchant tier levels of businesses.

We are also available to educate and consult Government, DOD, Payment industry ISO’s and POS equipment MFR’s and providers, and municipalities and businesses along with proactive specialty expert services.

The Global Experts in ADA POS Mounting.