The new U.S. Access-Board issued EV Charging Stations guidelines have been released. The operable parts guideline requirements are here – (7/21/2022) (LINK)  Specifically for card readers, our patented  handle + dismount is key and not only to meet the operable part, but the operation requirements as well. 

EV Charging Stations.  According to the Agenda, the Access Board will be issuing a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) in September 2022 to set standards for accessible EV charging stations with the intent that the DOJ will eventually incorporate those guidelines in the current ADA Standards for Accessible Design. The rulemaking responds to the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act’s allocation of $7.5 billion to construct a national network of 500,000 EV charging stations nationwide.

Electric Vehicle Charger handle plugged into an electric vehicle

With the coming regulatory additional new requirements, reach and range will still be a requirement, but will not be acceptable alone. 

The Federal Government, Military and Public businesses via 508 and ADA will see the greatest coming change to the way the point of sale checkouts for the card readers are placed and positioned. 

New additional features for all customer interactions in both attended and unattended environments will be assistive for all people.

We are building out strong security parameters as extensions. Unattended devices are included in our technology sets of accessibility.



Getting started with Taylor POS Dismount stands and mount is easy. Let’s go!

Attended Point of Sale card reader terminal with the accessibility blue handle A D A operable part

POS – Attended

Information for 508 Assistive Mounting for – Attended Fixed environments

Taylor POS makes Operable parts with Operation requirements as Accessible point of sale card reader stands and mounts meeting the Federal requirements as well as meeting the specifics for PCI- PTS and ISO 9564 for accessibility which are also the Card brands requirements for processing.  They are for both attended and unattended mounting.

POS – Unattended

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