Taylor POS makes Accessible Stands and Mounts using our exclusive patented Operable Parts that meet the Federal ADA requirements, as well as using the specifications for PCI- PTS and ISO 9564 inclusive universal and privacy law designs for all users at checkouts attended and unattended.

In today’s inclusive and accessibility climate,  -providing accessibility at checkout with proper mounting for POS card readers is a must. We fix POS card reader checkouts for inclusivity and accessibility with our POS card reader mounting.

  • Common everyday use +
  • Limited Reach and Strength +
  • Visual interaction +
  • Dexterity issues +
  • Prosthetic usage +
  • and other important interactions such as reduced strain and those whom are height restricted as well other needs for proper accessibility access. 

Among other interactions are PIN entry privacy and anti-shoulder surfing measures which are a part of PCI and ISO compliance specific to PTS and 9564.  PCI compliances are agreed to when a merchant signs a merchant processing agreement. 

Left and Right side as well as front approach and angled reach must be considered as well, -especially for those having shoulder and/or spine issues. 

Merchant Card Processors, ISO, Agents, Banks, Credit Unions, POS equipment providers and POS manufacturers’, IT, consultants etc, -are responsible to clearly educate ADA compliance for retail and 508 (ICT) for Government + DOD at all checkouts attended and unattended. 

Contact us for detailed information and prepare for the upcoming POS mounting requirements for ADA and 508 (ICT) enforcement

(works for all customers – standing or wheelchair + scooter and height restricted people)

Taylor POS Proprietary Patented Card Reader Mounting Technologies’  provides absolute 508 ICT and ADA Title III compliance. Reach and Range is required, however, new coming regulatory changes will require new additional features for accessibility.

All merchants with card reader checkouts are required to have accessible POS card reader checkouts just as much as are required to have accessible parking and accessible restrooms. 

PCI-PTS + ISO 9564 have been around as a requirement for more than a decade. We point this out to merchants of all sizes and while many have not yet adopted accessible mounting for checkouts, that is rapidly changing. PCI-PTS is segmented and a segment of PTS is dedicated to  accessibility and privacy. Card brands such as Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover etc. require PCI-PTS for credit and debit card processing.

Reach and Range for fixed position POS devices are required but does not meet the accessibility requirements by the ADA, 508 or PCI-PTS + ISO 9564.

Such non-accessibility to the payment device is in direct conflict with the ADA Tittle III and if Government, the 508 (ICT) requirements. This has led to many legal issues and costs.  The fix is simple and compliance is easy when providing the right type of device fixed position mounting.

It is very simple and easy for a person to file a discrimination lawsuit when it comes to the ADA. An easy target is a merchants (POS checkout). One picture and done.  Accessibility is easily fixed using our Blue-Handle ADA Stands and Mounts. 

Securing a POS payment device is everyday common and simple enough. In the case of accessibility, Taylor POS Stands and mounts also use a security tether which are common too,  -however it is a requirement in using our accessibility stands and mounts. Our stands and mounts also allow all customers to self-inspect a device for skimmers which once again are on the rise. This is very important whether in attended or unattended card reader environments.

508 (ICT), ADA, PCI-PTS + ISO 9564 POS Mounting