If you have accessible parking, -your next compliance step as a business is to have assistive and accessible and secured privacy-driven checkouts that serves all customers.  

Reach and Range only is not the only requirement. This is for both built-in and movable cabinetry.

ADA.Gov requires Independently Accessibility (meaning not requiring staff assisted) your POS reader mounting should allocate use for those with limited reach and strength visual screen interaction.  PCI-PTS-POI requires the ability to PIN entry shield using the body.

Businesses already provide accessible parking, accessible entry/exit, accessible restrooms and accessible aisles. However, not at checkouts where self-assistive needs of a person’s most sensitive information is required for purchases of goods and services using their fixed position POS-PED. Make that make sense. 

Reach and Range requirements alone (do not) provide ADA compliance. It is the assistive accessibility for POS within the reach and range that matters. 

The fact remains that POS mfr’s and enclosures, educating “authority’ in the POS industry and others for built-in and movable POS ignore accessibility-assistive compliances and we really all about fixing that. 

To removably mount a fixed position POS (point-of-sale) device means that the device can be easily securely detached and re-mounted while attached with a PCI required security tether from any specific location or surface within the ADA reach and range requirement. 

This is accomplished using our assistive dismounting bracket that allows the POS reader device to be securely fastened in place, -yet still allow for it to be easily removed when necessary. 

Removable mounting is useful when the POS device needs to be moved or repositioned as accessible and self-assistive at check-ins and checkouts, self-checkout machines and includes SSTM’s.

An SSMT is Self Service Mounted Transaction.  An SSTM is a Self-Service Transaction Machine.

Self-Assistive and Accessible.

  • Both ADA and PCI require assistive elements.

    Simple to install, simple to use for all customers. Federal law and PCI requirements are a thing that should not be ignored at your checkout.

  • Independently Accessible

    Assistive mode, - a tug of the ADA 309 U-Shape Pull Handle positions use of ADA 309.4 operations to removably mount a POS terminal card and PIN reader from the secured fixed position to a secured freed position for a person's privacy and use in comfort. For standard mode use: Use tilt and swivel features, use the U-shape handle for up-down-left and right.

  • Enforcement does exist.

    Both the ADA and PCI have compliance initiatives and enforcement. We really would prefer to see businesses not have to face those issues when the solution is right here for you. Taylor POS Stands and Mounts work and deliver in ADA and PCI Compliance requirements.

ADA operable parts and ADA operation and PCI requirements for terminal security and user PTS-POI privacy for PIN entry are implemented. Compliance with accessibility standards: The POS terminal should comply with relevant accessibility standards, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to ensure that it is usable by as many people as possible. This is done using our secured self-assistive mounting.

The POS terminal should be compliant with relevant requirements from the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) to ensure that a person’s credit and debit card use is private and secure at the POI – point of interaction. 

Operable portions meet usability criteria and are to be within reach ranges for self-assistive use in left, right and forward approaches for all SSMT-Attended Countertop, Semi-attended self-checkout and SSMT-SSTM Unattended. 

When it comes to assistive accessibility. You are all in or all out. There is no in-between. 

Dismount Stands and Mounts

  • Contact us to get started. Getting an assistive and compliant accessible checkout is easy. For countertop, self-checkout and operable parts for unattended (SSTM).


Independently assistive (“not staff or cashier assisted”) self-assistive – accessible is a first and foremost with the ADA.Gov.

Our POS Dismount is for everyday usage for all customers with typical tilt and swivel and in addition addresses ADA and PCI assistive and privacy compliance requirements. 

The ADA.Gov and PCI each require privacy protection and discrimination prevention for -all- of your customers. Protect your business from legal repercussions. POS Dismount is here to work for you and all of your customer base. Grow it, don’t rail against it. Inclusivity works for all of us.

Aside from our flagship assistive stands mounting, we also offer assistive internal and co-design engineering for a variety of needs for Big Box, POS MFR’s  and other industries.  The need is everywhere. 

The ADA and 508 ICT go-to POS Mounting Source.