ADA, ISO, PCI-PTS POS Stands, Mounts


Attended and Unattended Environments, for all POS Devices. Adapt to and for all Customers. PCI-PTS-ADA.

Taylor POS
Interactive POS Dismount Brochure

Regulatory 508 Assistive Technologies

Taylor Dismount POS Mounts - 508 AT - Attended & Unattended.

  • All Attended & Self Checkout
  • Unattended (Fully) ATM's etc.
  • Including At-the-Pump
  • + PCI-SSC-PTS + ISO 9564
  • Kiosks and Ticketing
  • Federal, State, Local & Military

Our Patented Interactive Dismountâ„¢ Technologies for countertop and Self-Serve POS and POI are of the highest Quality and are made for all customers in all Attended and All Unattended Payments Environments. ADA.Gov, ABA, DOT, U.S. Access-Board, PCI-SSC-PTS, EPC, APN. For All Businesses. Accessibility Compliance using Live Transactions.

Taylor- Patent No: 9,907,416 - Made and Assembled in the USA.

  • Steve Taylor

    Office of the Founder

  • Dismount POS Mounting

    Patent 9,907,416

Just as Accessible Parking and Accessible Restrooms are required, Accessible POS Card Reader dismounting at Checkouts are required by Federal and State Laws. For the first time ever, the POS checkouts and unattended will be made in a uniform standarized way to work for all consumers in all circumstances. After all, Checkouts are the life of all businesses across the .
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ADA, ISO, PCI-PTS POS Stands, Mounts