Updated September 21, 2022: Link to the U.S. Access-Board Federal Register Publishing: 

This will affect all merchants, card reader manufacturers, POS equipment suppliers, ISO’s Agent offices, etc. It as well should affect the PCI Card Brands, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover and will be responsible for how merchants are correctly and securely set up with mounting/stands for accessibility .  The same with DIY merchants.



Abstract (Docket)

This rulemaking would amend the Access Board’s existing accessibility guidelines for buildings and facilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Architectural Barriers Act (ABA), located at 36 CFR part 1191, to include guidelines for the accessibility of fixed self-service transaction machines, self-service kiosks, information transaction machines, and point-of-sale devices. The U.S. Department of Transportation and U.S. Department of Justice are expected, via separate rulemakings, to adopt these amended guidelines as enforceable standards for devices and equipment covered by the ADA.


In short, the ANPRM holds questions regarding the Unattended and makes clear mention of Operable Parts and Operation additional existing requirements from PCI and ISO compliance and standards apply too. For POS, the technical writing will be in the NPRM and then headed for Final EO and Rule. This is very important to know and will affect all POS devices, countertop, attended, and all unattended. A POS countertop stand or how a unattended or attended in the self serve, SSTM, ATM, Pump, and Kiosks are affected. So if your business or company claims accessibility and inclusion, now is a good time to act on it, show it, do it. 

  • For Public (ADA)
  • For Governments (508 ICT)
  • Attended and Unattended environments
  • All Card Readers and PIN consumer Facing
  • Certified mounting installation as compliant
  • Includes PCI-PTS (POI) and ISO requirements
  • Taylor POS is the creator of Accessibility POS Mounting.

ADA and 508 ICT Point of Sale Card Reader Mounting requires very specific functions. Most businesses who have been told their mounting is ADA or 508 ICT compliant were not told the facts and we assure you, (you do not have ADA or 508 ICT compliant Stands and/or mounts). 

Two hardware factor are Operable Parts (309), the other is Operation (309). 

Is this case, the U-Shape Pull Handle and No Pinching, Twisting of the Wrist, No Grasping , One-Hand Operable and less that 5LBf Pull/Tug Force. 

As the U.S. Access-Board is in the midst of releasing new requirements for both attended and unattended, the Taylor POS patented Stands and Mounts do meet the ADA and 508 ICT requirements and when the new requirements are out, additional needs will be met. 

While there is much more to the details currently and we very clearly understand them, we too meet the PCI-PTS (POI) and ISO requirements in detail. 

In addition to Countertop POS, —SSTM’s, ATM’s, Vending, Kiosk’s, At-The-Pump, Ticketing, Parking, etc, are a major focus at they are becoming mainstream as well as Self-Checkout POS. 

The above are just the basics and for details and to get compliant mounting for unattended or stands for countertop, please contact us. We also custom manufacture for any additional needs.  Consulting is available.

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