Taylor POS Dismount (D2P)™
Access Mounting for Checkouts.
Device to Person (D2P) Dismount.

Taylor POS Dismount (D2P) is the recognized patented (AT) “assistive POS mounting technology” for POS checkouts.

REG's and Compliances.

Dismount D2P (device-to-person) is our set of solutions for any business via the REQ’s of ADA and PCI for compliances.

Real Life Checkout Problems.
Real Life Checkout Solutions.
New coming ADA Standards.

Dismount (D2P) is the solution for regulatory ADA REQ’s. Countertops, Self-Checkouts and Unattended (SSTMS).

Dismount D2P equalizes.

Equal access to the POS device is a requirement of the ADA as well as privacy use including PCI-PTS-POI requirements. 

For all Countertops.
Self-Checkout and Unattended.
ADA Reach/Range only myth.

If you have been told that ADA reach and range placement is the only requirement for POS card and PIN readers you need, you’ve been told wrong. This affects ease of use for many.

Limited POS Access use.

Limited reach and strength and visual accommodation are two major problematic factors. Fixed-mounted POS card and PIN entry readers limit access and privacy use. ADA 302.8

High counter accessible problems.
Low counter accessible problems.
Attended, Self and Unattended.

Dismount (D2P) fits any POS card and PIN readers securely. Countertop, Self-Checkout, Kiosk, Fuel Dispensers and EVCS. Remote and Temp settings too.

Standard and Custom.

Our patented flagship Dismount D2P accessible use stands and mounts come in a standard specialty build (fits any POS reader device). Custom Dismount (D2P) builds are available.

Checkouts need Dismount D2P.
You already provide ADA parking.
Accessibility Info.

Disregarding the ADA is playing with federal, state and civil fire. POS that are inaccessible are discriminatory.

ADA Obligations.

ADA.gov, is U.S. federal law that requires assistive (AT) technology and supports accessibility at POS checkouts.

Federal NRPM info 2023
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