Standing or seated, our POS Dismount stands and mounts work for all customers across-the-board. Countertop, Self-Checkout and Unattended SSTM’s.

  • Customer Inclusion.

    If accessibility is of concern to a business at their checkout, our Dismount would be there.

  • Reach and Range.

    Reach and Range only is a (myth) regarding ADA Compliance. It is the assistive tech that matters.

  • Federal and Local.

    Federal Law and Local Law require accessibility and privacy for all persons, - PIN and Card included.

Is your payment bank processor, city, state ADA informing you of the assistive requirements for your POS checkouts for accessibility. It’s the law regardless. 

Self-Assistive and Accessible Compliances.

  • The Payments Equipment.

    Point of Sale card and PIN readers have regulation and compliances requirements. These requirements come from the ADA.Gov, (Title III Public) the U.S. Access-Board for 508 (ICT) (Government) and PCI-POI (Payment Card Industry - POI Point of Interaction). They require assistive technology at the checkouts in attended, self-checkout and full unattended (SSTM's). Each too has fines and other legal remedies for businesses who do not follow the guidelines. How a POS card and PIN reader device is mounted is the crucial part of it all.

  • Assistive Technology Specialists

    Taylor POS is the only POS mounting company in the world that specializes with sheer focus on self-assistive POS stands and mounts engineering for both our off-the-shelf and custom-to-build. We know the rules, the regs and all the in-between.

  • Businesses Building ROI

    Ernst and Young data, businesses show a 30% ROI increase when adding assistive technologies making the sales floor and the store POS checkout accessible for all customers. Why would a person having assistive needs go to a business that is not accessible to or for them just as it is for all other customers?

  • Limited Reach | Field of Vision

    Addressing a person's ADA Limited Reach and Strength as well as ADA Visual Accommodation needs are required for ease of use and privacy to interact with a POS and Tactile PIN reader is required. The typical run of the mill Fixed mounted POS devices do not address this no matter what you were sold unless it is our Dismount.

  • Both ADA and PCI require assistive elements.

    Simple to install, simple to use for all customers. Federal law and PCI requirements are a thing that should not be ignored at your checkout.

  • Independently Accessible

    Assistive mode, - a tug of the ADA 309 U-Shape Pull Handle positions use of ADA 309.4 operations to removably mount a POS terminal card and PIN reader from the secured fixed position to a secured freed position for a person's privacy and use in comfort. For standard mode use: Use tilt and swivel features, use the U-shape handle for up-down-left and right.

  • Enforcement does exist.

    Both the ADA and PCI have compliance initiatives and enforcement. We really would prefer to see businesses not have to face those issues when the solution is right here for you. Taylor POS Stands and Mounts work and deliver in ADA and PCI Compliance requirements.

Both the ADA (Public) and 508 ICT (Government) require accessibility at POS checkouts. This is only accomplished by how the POS device is mounted. 

We fix the Point of Sale Card and PIN REQ’s for Checkouts for all types of brick-and-mortar businesses and are Global Experts with assistive technologies.

The mission here is in getting business to understand and implement self-assistive POS mounting that works for all customers, not just the walking ones. 

POS Dismount within reach ranges for self-assistive use in left, right and forward approaches apply to all persons and never assume a persons ADA needs. 

Whether you are ready to get your assistive compliances now or need custom engineering build, our Dismount POS Mounts and Stands meets the REQ’s.

The ADA and 508 ICT go-to POS Mounting Source.